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private investigation services

Through the years, I've incorporated the use of the latest computers and mobile devices to stay steps ahead of those I've investigated and to document and report their digital footprint.

Personal Injury Cases

Fraud Cases

I am highly experienced in preparing a civil case for settlement or trial. I understand the need to document the events, identify the potentially liable parties, and assess the damages. I am also experienced in working with law firms in preparing the case for trial.


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Video Surveillance

I'll locate and monitor the subject by employing a number of undercover methods, including but not limited to: stake outs, interviews of persons related to the case, research and surveillance operations, documenting and reporting the evidence you deserve.


Criminal & Civil Investigations

Despite criminals taking great care to cover their fraudulent acts, my experience has unearthed their deceitful behavior, ultimately recouping compensation and/or money for the victims. 

Child Custody Monitoring

End your suspicion and get to the truth. Rely on me to monitor your spouse's extra-curricular activities by tracking their vehicle, performing asset searches, and identifying the "other person."

Workers Compensation Cases

Tracking & Monitoring

Your situation, regardless of the circumstances, is unique and very important to you. You want and deserve answers. If you feel my experience and private investigative services can help you, in any way, please don’t hesitate to .

We will discuss your situation, negotiate a rate that is fair to both of us, and immediately initiate the necessary steps to meet your goal.

Online Investigations

Using time-tested methods, I will verify pertinent information to ensure you have the most relevant and recent information related to your case. This information may include statements from the injured and any witnesses, surveillance, and scene documentation. 

Marital Infidelity

Gary L. Hahn Investigations


Private Investigation services

for the St. Cloud area and all of Central Minnesota

Using video surveillance, you'll get the evidence you need to prove something did or did not occur.

If you're in a high conflict situation, my years of experience of child custody monitoring can put your concerns at ease while I ensure your child is in a safe and supervised environment. 

Personal Injury Cases

This program is meant to help disabled workers; however, some attempt to take advantage of the program by faking injury. If this program is being taken advantage of in any way, shape, or form, I will unearth the evidence needed to prove this.